Our Coaches

Our aim is to deliver the best possible experience to participants, with lessons that reflect each individual’s needs, aspirations and therapeutic goals.

Only qualified coaches can deliver RDA sessions, and we are lucky to have almost 3000 of them at our groups all over the UK. RDA coaches are renowned for their high level of skill and specialist knowledge.

Coach of the Year

Izabell Loucaidou recently became RDA’s Coach of the Year for her work at Park Lane Stables in London. We asked her colleague Natalie to tell us why she is so special:

“Izabell is a very popular Coach with our riders and volunteers, making every session a memorable experience. She tailors each lesson according to the individual’s needs. She is always positive and gently encourages participants to stretch themselves, so they feel they have really achieved something after each session.

She always makes her sessions enjoyable – singing songs like ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, or using toys, flash cards or other learning tools to encourage movement and develop core strength, like stretching to place a toy in a bucket. She also incorporates fun games like ‘Grandma’s footsteps’ and the ‘Stop/Go’ game with traffic signs to improve their riding skills and control of the horse. And she also communicates using Makaton.

Above all, her sessions are always great fun and it is heart-warming to see the look of sheer joy she brings to riders’ faces.”

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