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As we look ahead to our 60th anniversary, take part in our consultation and help shape the future of RDA.

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Spend time with our horses and ponies, help others – make a difference.


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RDA is committed to providing life-changing experiences for disabled children and adults across the UK. Our network of centres and volunteers are providing opportunities every day of the week. Even so, we can’t meet the demand for our activities. With your help we can change this.

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RDA Strategy: have your say

Help shape the future of RDA by taking part in our consultation.

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This Christmas, we are asking for your help to enable us to support our community, so that our 500 RDA groups continue to provide their vital services today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Volunteering with RDA makes a difference to the lives of others and it’s great for your health and well-being too. You’ll get a warm welcome, make new friends and become a valued part of our community.