Who is eligible to be checked?

Who Is Eligible To Be Checked?

You must not ask those involved with your Group to be checked unless their role makes them eligible for one.  You must also explain why they are being checked and where they can get independent advice.

Who is Eligible?

  • All new volunteers aged 16 or over who are actively involved in RDA sessions upon joining a Group
  • All Safeguarding Officers
  • All Group Coaches, Session Leaders / Coordinators, Centre Managers / Yard Managers, RDA Whips who take part in Regulated Activity
  • All volunteers actively involved in RDA sessions that have joined a Group since the introduction of DBS in April 2006.

Who is Exempt?

  • Volunteers aged under 16
  • Volunteers who are not actively involved at Group sessions, for example Trustees who are never involved with sessions, Administrative Staff / Office Support Staff
  • Volunteers on a short term work experience or volunteer placement (less than 2 months)
  • Any volunteers who were actively volunteering in RDA sessions before April 2006 (although it is considered best practice that all volunteers complete a disclosure check regardless of the length of time they have spent volunteering with the Group)
Page Last Updated: November 29, 2016