Potential Benefits

  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Teamwork and enhanced self esteem

Equestrian Vaulting is gymnastics on the back of a moving horse and involves teamwork, fitness and fun!

Vaulting is a team discipline and a team of six vaulters, along with a reserve member, work with on horse under the control of a lunger.

The vaulting horse moves in a 15-metre circle and is directed by the lunger who stands in the centre of the circle.  Vaulting horses are not saddled, but wear a surcingle (or a roller) and a thick back pad. The surcingle has special handles which aid the vaulter in performing certain moves as well as leather loops called “cossack stirrups”.

If you begin to learn to vault you will start by practising moves on a vaulting barrel on the Ground before taking to the horse moving at walk.  Once you have gained some experience you may begin to perform moves whilst the horse is at trot.

Vaulting has significant therapy benefits, you can work as a team to achieve a goal which can have a huge impact on self confidence.  Vaulting also has significant physical benefits is great discipline for improving balance, stability motor skills, flexibility and coordination.

Once you have gained confidence you may be interested in competing.  There is opportunity to try this at the RDA National Championships.

Page Last Updated: July 20, 2018