• Proficiency tests
  • Five levels of competition
  • Therapeutic benefits: Improve balance, motor skills and flexibility
  • Great fun! 

Showjumping was introduced in 2011 and is now well established as a core discipline in many RDA Groups throughout the UK.

Showjumping involves riding around a set course negotiating a series of jumps.  The courses are made up of coloured fences with poles which can be easily knocked down if they are hit.

There are usually two rounds in showjumping.  In the first round the aim is to complete the course without knocking any of the fences down, if this happens you will receive a fault for every fence knocked down.  You will also get a fault if your horse or pony stops at a fence (refuse) or runs around a fence (run out).

If you manage to jump a clear round, you will go through to the jump-off.  This is a shortened course which you have to jump as fast as you can as it is timed.

The winner of a course will have the least faults and the fastest time in the jump-off.

At RDA showjumping has a particular focus on developing effective technique, rather than focusing on speed.

There are five levels of showjumping at RDA ranging from carefully navigating a course of Poles on the ground at level 1 to working independently at canter over jumps of up to 80cm.

When starting jumping at RDA you will learn all about how to negotiate a course and will most probably begin with the poles on the floor.  Once you have the hang of this you will learn about the jumping position and then may begin to make small jumps progressing through the levels as you go.


Page Last Updated: July 31, 2018