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Dressage offers the opportunity for riders to show a judge, parents, friends and helpers what has been achieved during the riding sessions.

It can also help an instructor to set goals, allowing the riders to demonstrate often hidden reservoirs of determination to achieve and can vividly show the benefits of previous instruction. Dressage can be easily linked to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In this section you will find all the resources and guidance you need to include dressage in your RDA sessions and to enter RDA competitions.

Dressage Anywhere 


The qualifiers for the 2019 RDA Online Dressage Championships are open!

Any RDA rider, graded or ungraded can take part in monthly competition classes with Dressage Anywhere.

Qualifying classes run every month between now and March 2019 and riders just need one score of 60% or above to qualify. We’ve added classes for all different types of rider:

  • Walk only – with or without a leader
  • Intellectual disability – walk and trot
  • Grade 1 to Grade 5.

The Championship Show will be held online during May 2019 and champions from each level will be invited to attend the RDA National Championships at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire to receive their medals and rosettes.

This is great way to introduce dressage to your RDA groups, giving your riders something new to work towards. And it couldn’t be easier to get started. Set up a team for free on Dressage Anywhere, or invite your riders to create individual accounts. Film your rider riding their dressage test and then upload the video for judging.  Each rider receives a scoresheet with marks and comments on their performance, which is downloadable from Dressage Anywhere and there are prizes and rosettes on offer too!

RDA rules apply to the monthly classes and Championships. The Championship qualification is with the rider, so any pony or horse can be ridden in the Championship Show. We’ve made one tweak to the rules this year – riders can qualify for only two grades.

RDA Scottish Dressage Championships

27 participants from across Scotland came together on Sunday 30th September to compete at Glasgow RDA in the Scottish Dressage Championships.  The rain managed to stay away long enough for all competitors to complete their tests.  Classes were offered across all grades and even included introduction to dressage led classes. 

It was great to see competitors of all ages taking part including Anne Brown and her granddaughter Leah Syhme, both of them going home with rosettes.

Full Results

Anne Brown & Leah Syhme

RDA & British Dressage Intellectually Disabled Championships

After several months of planning the first Intellectually Disabled Championships finally took place at Solihull Riding Club on Saturday 1st September 2018.  This event is a new joint venture between RDA and British Dressage (BD), more than 60 riders were invited to the Championships after being selected from over 130 combinations that had competed at their Regional Qualifier for the RDA National Championships.  Three classes were offered, walk only, walk & trot and walk, trot and canter with 27 riders proceeding down the centreline on the day to deliver some excellent tests.  

Congratulations to everyone taking part and thank you to BD, Solihull Riding Club, all of the participants, their coaches and supporters for making this such a success. Thanks also go to Para Rider and triple gold medalist Julie Payne for presenting prizes to everyone.

Kayla Pratt & Hunky Dory from Stokesley Group in Yorkshire & Cleveland, winners of the canter class










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