DBS Online Applications

RDA is now able to provide DBS checks online via a company called Disclosure Services.

Each group has been assigned unique username and password  for volunteers to complete applications online.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker turnaround times – 56% of Enhanced level DBS checks are completed in 1 day.
  • Eliminates 99.8% of errors
  • Out of Hours support service to 8pm Monday to Sunday
  • Payment method is online via Paypal – the option to pay by debit/credit card is available through this service

Key Features

  • Fully electronic application process
  • Disclosure results sent electronically provides end to end audit trail
  • Remote login portal for applicants to ‘key’ their own data


The speed and ease of the process is reflected in the price and will cost slightly more than the paper application process.

payment table

*Please note, you will need access to paying for the process online. This can be done by a PayPal account or with a debit or credit card. No other payment method will be accepted.

Collecting the Groups Username & Password

To collect your Group’s unique username & password, please contact Laura at the RDA National Office.

Please note: Only Safeguarding Officers and Trustees can collect this password. If you are a volunteer please contact your group to collect this username and password after you have completed the ID Validation Form.

To get started

Once your group has collected the username & password you will be able to complete your DBS applications

As a volunteer to start the application process, you must complete the ID validation form by presenting the relevant documents listed below to your group’s safeguarding officer or relevant trustee. They will then be able to verify your documents. Once your documents have been verified, you will then be able to take the login details to www.disclosureservices.com to start your application.

The group is to then keep a copy of ID validation form for their records and RDA UK will now be doing spot checks to ensure that groups are checking identity documentation. Below is the information you need to ensure you are using the correct documentation. Click here to view and print the DBS ID Validation Form Route 1 for RDA


Page Last Updated: January 12, 2018