New book to boost funds for Somerset Levels

Somerset Levels Carriage Driving Group has published a beautifully illustrated book called Reflections from The Somerset Levels – a series of stories and memories from drivers and volunteers.

The idea for the book came about after carriage driver Ann Turner told her story to a regional newspaper. “From the depths of despair” was the headline, but she sees her story in a much more positive light “Upwards and onwards” describes her story of first cancer then a broken back left her disabled from the chest down but now with a special seat able to compete and beat able bodied carriage drivers in open competition. Group founder members, Philippa and Martin Willey and retired architect and landscape architect Stephen Harte devised a concept to capture the motives and enjoyment of carriage driving in an illustrated book.


The book features a foreword by eight-times Champion Jockey Peter Scudamore , who says of the contributors: “These are not writers but people born to put horse to carriage, or who have learned to love the effort and experience. The SLRDA is a wonderful charity that, as well as allowing disabled people to continue to be involved with horses, helps with self-confidence and most importantly offers a great deal of fun.”

Sales of book from the SLRDA website £10 + £3 P & P or in various outlets in Wells and Glastonbury and shortly in Frome price £10.

For more details, please contact Philippa 01749 673097

Page Last Updated: December 10, 2013