Matt’s Championships Blog day three

What a another packed day of the Championships with the sunshine around Hartpury College for more than 400 riders who competing here in the Dressage, Countryside Challenge, Freestyle to Music in action today. We see many supporters who feel very happy to cheering on the participants from over the 18 region in the UK. We also see the great enthusiasm from the families who was proud of their rider competing in this big event this weekend. We have seen how busy are the groups in the stables for preparing for the riders to be competed in action!

I have spending time by borrowing the RDA UK Frame to ask everyone who wants to say a big thank you to People’s Postcode Lottery who have donated so much of money towards Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) – including the groups, families, volunteers, horses and only the fantastic RDA National Office team that they wanted to say huge thank you. Our responsibility for today was all about to working with Publicity Team over the day which was really enjoyable thing for me to enjoy as a Championship Volunteer.

We can see how fantastic is the participants feel so happy to competing and having fun with the encouragement from their families, carers, group volunteers and instructors who can help them to reach their potential and show what they can do that counts. We hope you are having so fun over past two days. I am sure you are inspired by what I have wrote over past few days which you are hoping to come and watch what we’re up to at RDA National Championships in next few years.

We have seen how unbelievable is the Costume Freestyle to Music with loads of visitors watching each performance which is really great for the entertainment and guess what is happening tonight that RDA National is planning to showcasing some of our NO Staff are doing some Vaulting – I will be taking photos loads of them – so exciting!!!!

You can also see our fantastic album on Facebook Page of the Championships to say huge thank you to People’s Postcode Lottery for the rest of the photos that I have been taking loads of the photos today.

That’s all for the Day 2 of the National Championships at Hartpury College. One day to go and watch more of exciting things tomorrow including Dressage, Countryside Challenge and Freestyle to Music classes to happen!!!


Page Last Updated: July 16, 2016