Group Annual Returns 2016


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What is the RDA Group Annual Return?

Each year RDA UK carries out an Annual Return of all RDA Member Groups, in accordance with Section 4.17 of the Membership Agreement.

a. It enables RDA UK to establish the levels and types of services offered by different Groups.
b. The statistics define the mix of the ‘RDA Family’ by identifying the numbers of people and animals involved in its activities.
c. The information is useful to the Board and its Committees, when they are examining the types of services provided by RDA UK to Member Groups.
d. The information shapes the RDA Annual Review – a legal document for the Charity Commission that must be completed annually.
e. RDA UK’s insurers use information from the Return as one of two main criteria for assessing the risk posed by RDA activities. The level of risk determines the amount of insurance premium that is charged-on to Member Groups. Without such information insurers may well assess risk as greater than it actually is and increase the insurance premium correspondingly.


How do Groups complete the Annual Return?

Check back to this page from 15th August 2016 when the link to the online form will be posted. 

The period for completing the Annual Returns finishes on 31st October 2016.


What are this year’s questions?

  1. How many participants took part in Group activities in the last year:-

    – who were 25 years old or under
     – of those 25 and under, how many took part for the first time?

    – who were 26 years old or over?
     – of those 26 and over, how many took part for the first time?

  2. What was the total number of activities undertaken by all of the Group’s participants in the last 12 months?

  3. As at the date of completing the Return, in total, how many ponies, horses and donkeys does the Group use for RDA sessions?

  4. As at the date of completing the return, how many volunteers does the Group have?

  5. Within the total number of volunteers above, how many were 25 years and under?

  6. As at the date of completing the return, how many paid staff does the Group have?

  7. Within the total number of volunteers/paid staff above, how many would consider they have a disability?

  8. Does your group have use of a hoist or lift to help participants onto hoses/carriages?

    -if yes, please state what you have.

  For more information or if you require any support with this process, please contact Laura Cartwright at National Office on 01926 476302.


Page Last Updated: August 22, 2016