Making learning fun

  • Enhance your education
  • Get recognition for things you already do at your RDA Group
  • Complement and support the wider curriculum
  • Nationally accredited courses

RDA activities offer a great platform for learning in an environment that is fun and engaging. Skills specific to RDA – such as riding, horse welfare and stable management – can open the door to more general learning in areas including literacy, numeracy, arts and crafts.

RDA offers a range of programmes and nationally accredited qualifications which celebrate and reward individual achievement. Ask your RDA Group Organiser about how our activities can support your education, or email Marisa Bretherton-Mackay ( at RDA National Office for more information.

RDA’s accredited education programmes are developed in partnership with ASDAN, an awarding body approved by QCA, ACCAC and CCEA.

Page Last Updated: September 5, 2013