Riding with RDA

  • Reach therapeutic goals
  • Achieve personal ambitions
  • Experience the outdoors
  • Connect with animals
  • Make new friends
  • Great fun!

Riding with RDA is great fun and suitable for participants of all ages and abilities.

Many sessions take place in a riding school and focus upon performing specific movements whilst riding the horse.  You may find yourself riding around the outside of an indoor school or riding a set course around cones or even tackling obstacles.  Many sessions incorporate more challenging tasks such as opening gates, and exercises to develop steering, balance and confidence.

 All sessions are led by a qualified RDA Coach who is supported by a Group of trained volunteers.  They will assist with mounting and dismounting of the horse and will provide you with directions throughout your RDA session.

If you have never ridden before you will most likely start by being led on the horse with a volunteer in control of the lead rein.  There will be volunteers walking either side known as side walkers to ensure you are safe and comfortable and they are often well placed to offer you tips on your riding.  Once you are more confident you may progress from walking around the area to trotting and even to controlling the horse yourself by riding off the lead rein.

The therapeutic benefits of riding are numerous and as well as the physical benefits of improving posture, becoming stronger and helping riders to become more supple, exercising with a horse is great fun!  You can improve your awareness, communication, confidence and decision making as well as enjoy activities with a community of like minded people.

For those who have mastered the basics or are looking for more of a challenge there is the opportunity to try dressage, showjumping and endurance and work through the rider proficiency tests and awards which can provide a great framework for riding with RDA.   


Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018