RDA Groups

RDA Group

  • At the very heart of your RDA experience.
  • Offer a variety of disciplines.
  • You may want to ride and maybe even volunteer.

Your Group will be at the very heart of your RDA experience.  There are roughly 500 RDA Groups offering RDA activities throughout the UK. 

These are mostly run by trained volunteers – about 18,000 of them in total – with a few paid staff in bigger Centres. Groups vary in size, opening times and in the activities they offer – but all of our Groups operate to the same high standards of training, professionalism and care. All RDA Groups are individual charities and have their own Board of Trustees, highly qualified instructors and trained volunteers.

You RDA Group will be at the Centre of your RDA activities, these are the people you will see on a regular basis and many participants form great friendships with those people and animals who are part of their Group sessions.

RDA Groups will also provide your first point of contact with what is available through RDA.  All Groups will focus on riding as therapy, but this is not all… as well as riding, many Groups offer a variety of equestrian disciplines including carriage driving, showjumping, vaulting and endurance riding.

You will find you learn a lot from your time spent with your Group, in addition to experiencing riding or driving, many Groups will provide you with opportunities to learn and new skills.  This might be learning to care for horses and ponies and gaining awards and certificates but it may also be learning how to be an RDA Coach and working towards coaching qualifications.

You may just want to attend your Group and enjoy the activities on offer, but if you’d like to get more involved there’s also the opportunity to volunteer. If you have skills you can share with your Group, let them know and don’t forget it’s not just about working with horses, your Group may need help with publicity, account, events and many other areas. 

All in all Riding might be just the start of your RDA experience!

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018