Entry Forms & Rules

Entry Forms & Rules for 2018 will be available shortly.

Showing is about making a horse look beautiful, elegant and obedient. It teaches great attention to detail, builds confidence and character. It teaches you how to ride, put in a performance as well as how to be judged and accept criticism without being defeated by it. Showing can become addictive and tremendous fun! It’s also a great start for a horse’s education, teaching them manners and exposing them to the show environment without the exacting pressure of doing a dressage test or show jumping round.

Classes are open to any rider registered with an RDA centre who can walk and trot independently.  They will be asked to ride around together and then give a short show that can include canter but it is not necessary.  Any type of horse is able to compete and the class will be judged on its conformation, turnout, suitability, manners and way of going.

Riders should be neatly turned out, clean and tidy but tack and saddlery suitable for the rider, not show ring will be encouraged. 


2018 Showing Championships

Nine immaculately turned out horses and ponies entered the show ring on Thursday 6th September for the final of the SEIB Search 4 a Star RDA Showing Championship at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire.  Each combination then had the opportunity to perform their individual show to the panel of judges Jane Holderness-Roddam, Rob Walker and Tim Price.  The class was judged on 30% conformation, 30% turnout and 40% suitability, manners and way of going.  After each individual show the riders left the arena before returning a short time later as part of the evening performance for the final judging.  

Huge congratulations to Tracy Steel and Johan’s Debut from Tyne & Wear RDA for winning the Championship.

Place Rider Horse Group Region
1st Tracy Steel Johan’s Debut Tyne & Wear North
2nd Isabella Benfield Cookies and Cream Stratford Upon Avon West Mercia
3rd Kayla Pratt Hunky Dory Stokesley Yorks & Cleveland
4th Kassia Dudek-McGee Rio East Liverpool North West
5th Alex Stevens Caplor Hill Billy Ride 2 Achieve West Mercia
6th Lesley Sayers Marieg Victor Ride 2 Achieve West Mercia
7th Phoebe Whitfield Alice Stokesley Yorks & Cleveland
8th Chris Bradley Quintus Cambs College East
9th Karen Dunne Blaze Pendle North West


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