Disclosure Checks

A key safeguard is ensuring the people who work and volunteer at the Group have received a satisfactory Disclosure Check (or equivalent).

It is a requirement of RDA Membership that all volunteers who are eligible complete the relevant DBS (England and Wales)/ PVG (Scotland)/Access NI (Northern Ireland) checks.

All volunteers must have their DBS check renewed every 3 years, irrespective of how long they have been with the group. This is now a mandatory requirement.

As of September the 30th 2018 RDA UK will no longer provide the umbrella body service of carrying out checks for RDA Groups in England and Wales. For groups in Scotland the checks will continue to be carried out through Horse Scotland. There is no requirement to use the organisations that RDA UK has provided information for, including Horse Scotland, to complete a check if the RDA Group feels there is a more convenient local method of completing their checks.

Who Is Eligible To Be Checked?

You must not ask those involved with your Group to be checked unless their role makes them eligible for one.  You must also explain why they are being checked and where they can get independent advice. To find out who is eligible, please click here.

What Does It Cost?

Until the 30th of September 2018 RDA will continue to provide a service for processing DBS Checks.

The checks themselves are provided free of charge for volunteers, however there is an RDA administration fee of £8 per paper application submitted.  Please note that a further DBS charge of £44  is required for checks where the applicant is a paid employee of the Group and not a volunteer, therefore RDA charge  £52 per paper application.

Independent umbrella body’s costs are often similar in price, but for more information on their services and costs please check with the organisation.

What Does This Mean For Your Group?

As of the end of September instead of processing checks via RDA National Office, groups will need to use an alternative provider to process their checks.

Over the next few months, we will provide support to groups to help them transfer the application process to an alternative provider. We have two recommended suppliers; one for online and one for paper based checks. However groups do not have to use these companies and there are other options that they may prefer to use.


Disclosure Services – Form Disclosure Services Form of Agreement.


Disclose SURE –   Phone: 01702 558431
Email: startup@disclosesure.co.uk

Page Last Updated: November 6, 2018