Carriage Driving

Carriage driving has been an important part of RDA since 1975 and there are now around 65 groups involved giving opportunities to over 1000 drivers.

RDA Carriage Driving is open to all members of RDA and is particularly useful for people who can no longer ride due to disability or prefer a different kind of challenge.

Here you will find all the information you need to carry out Carriage Driving in your Group.


Carriage Driving Weight Chart and Guidelines

Carriage Driving weight chart and guidelines are now available on the RDA Group Order Form. Please download the form from “Group Orders” and send to Rebecca Marston at RDA National Office.


Do you know your Regional Carriage Driving Rep? 

South West                                   Diane Hurst & Simon Bougourd
Mid-West                                      Simon Bougourd
South                                             Sarah Clunie
South East                                    Miranda Purves
Greater London                           Judi Ralls
West Mercia                                 Lizzie Lawrence
North Midlands                           Janet Viner & Keith Harmsworth
East                                                Maureen Keegan & Anne Mitchell
North West                                   Margaret Brockie
N E & South Yorkshire               VACANT
Yorkshire & Cleveland               Susan Dudley-Smith
North                                             Jenny Harris
Edinburgh & Borders                 Eileen Cornish
West & Central Scotland           Patsy Muir-Simpson
Grampian & Highland               Diana Milligan
South Wales                                 Rowena Moyse
North Wales                                 Lizzie Lawrence
Northern Ireland                         Joanne Orr


Page Last Updated: October 22, 2018