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We welcome the support of all you journalists, writers, filmmakers, bloggers and vloggers out there. By raising awareness of how horses help people, you can help us do even more.
We know our stuff

We’ve been helping people through horses for 50 years. We have expert coaches, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and more who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the therapeutic benefit of horses, the importance of disability sport for maintaining active lives and the continued success of Team GBR at the Paralympics.

Inspirational people

Within our community of 25,000 disabled horse riders and carriage drivers of all ages and backgrounds – not forgetting our 18,000 volunteers – there is no shortage of inspirational case studies to add weight to any story.

Pay us a visit

There’s nothing like seeing RDA in action. Give us a call to arrange a visit to your local group and see for yourself the difference we can make.

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Latest News

RDA hosts Paralympic team announcement
July 16, 2021

RDA hosts Paralympics Team Announcement

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RDA elects Rachel Medill MBE as new Chair of Trustees
June 17, 2021

New Chair Rachel Medill MBE brings trustee and equestrian knowledge to ‘meet the growing need for support’

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RDA releases impact report for ‘unprecedented’ year
June 15, 2021

With only 50% of RDA groups reopened nationwide, Princess Anne writes of ‘unprecedented challenges’

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