Meet the Board

RDA is led by a strong team of Trustees, who each have responsibility for different areas of RDA life:

Sam Orde, Chairman (Twitter: @SamOrde_rda)

Jess Cook, Partnership and Disability

Sally Godley-Maynard, Strategy

Neil Goldie-Scot, Honorary Treasurer

Julianne Jessup, Communication

Sheila Saner, Deputy Chairman with special responsibility for the Regions

Jacqui Scott, Fundraising

Emma Wells, Participants

Lynda Whittaker, Scotland and Growth

Lindsay Correa, Volunteer Development

Sally-Anne O’Neill, Operations










Our Chief Executive

Supported by a core staff at our head office in Warwickshire, our Chief Executive, Ed Bracher is responsible for the day to day running of the Charity. Ed has been Chief Executive at RDA since 2004. For any questions about the running of RDA, please email Ed directly at:

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018