West Yorkshire RDA group launches after school club

RDA has awarded a grant to Haworth RDA group to set up an after school club. 16 young people from the local area will benefit from the activities and therapy delivered by horse riding, supported by a team of young volunteers.

Jane Lawrence of Haworth RDA said: “The grant means we can cater to an additional 16 young people with disabilities, allowing them to benefit from the recreation and therapy that horse riding provides. Because the project is supported by our junior volunteers it has also increased peer support, communication skills and the ability to socialise as part of a large group.

“Some of the activities that happen at after school club help towards recognised accreditations – helping all our young people achieve recognition for the activities that they participate in and support. These qualifications also contribute towards improving the life chances and available opportunities in the future for the young people in our care. Because our after school clubs function with the support of our volunteers it allows parents and carers two hours of valuable respite time.”

The grant was awarded as part of a nationwide programme by RDA to support local RDA groups trying to expand their activities. “We were delighted to be able to award a grant towards such a positive and important community resource, which will help even more young people take part in our activities,” said Ed Bracher, Chief Executive at RDA. “The range of projects we have been able to fund in this latest round of grants demonstrates the creative ways that our groups are tackling the growing demand for our services – not just in West Yorkshire but all over the UK.”

Page Last Updated: April 21, 2015