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  • There are many opportunities for you to get involved in the wider RDA community.

Your Group is part of something BIG! RDA is a federation of nearly 500 Groups across the UK and in taking part in RDA you join a big community of 28,000 riders and carriage drivers supported by 18,000 volunteers. 

Groups are supported by County and Regional representatives who along with the staff based at our National Office in Warwick make up RDA UK.

RDA UK provides many opportunities for you to get involved in the wider RDA community. 

There are a number of national events which enable you to take part in new activities and meet people from outside of your Group.  This might be attending a regional conference or forum, going on an RDA holiday or competition in regional competitions or the RDA National Championships held each year at Hartpury College.

RDA UK is also concerned with ensuring you are represented and have a voice to influence change and the future development of the organization.  If you have a problem, a question or a suggestion RDA UK is here to help you.  There is a participant representative in each region who is responsible for ensuring you are happy with your experience and passing on any feedback you might have.  Additionally, there are a variety of committees covering different areas of the RDA experience who work with the staff at National Office to develop RDA even further and it as good as it can possibly be.  Each committee has a space set aside for at least one participant representative.  Check out our volunteer vacancies page if you are interested in getting involved.

Page Last Updated: September 19, 2013