National Showjumping Training Day!                                                            We are pleased to announce on the 30th September 2018 we will be holding a National Judges Training day at Avon Centre Group in Bristol, led by Michael Butcher. This is open to everyone and is a perfect opportunity to keep up to date and learn all about what we have to offer. 

Please follow the link to book your place and send in to Lucy Stokes  (Sorry no lunch catering available).

 Link: Avon Training day

See you there!


RDA Showjumping is offering an exciting and fulfilling challenge to our riders, as more and more Groups are assessed to be able to deliver Showjumping sessions.

“Can I still use trotting poles on the ground in my RDA riding sessions, without needing to be approved to deliver showjumping?”

The distinction between pole work for RDA sessions and RDA Showjumping

All Groups (even those who do not wish to take part in RDA Showjumping) can continue to use poles on the ground, for flatwork/poles work exercises, in their RDA sessions.

However, Level 1 Showjumping has been introduced as the transition from pole work; setting RDA riders on the Showjumping Pathway, with the rider being coached to ride a set course of poles and concentrating on refining their light seat position, in preparation for jumping over raised poles in the jumping position, at Level 2 and beyond.

It’s rewarding and fun!

The Showjumping Pathway also offers RDA riders the valuable opportunity to take part in RDA Showjumping Competition and the RDA Showjumping Proficiency Tests. RDA Coaches can benefit from further developing their coaching skills and allows them to gain their RDA Showjumping Coaching award.

What do RDA Groups and RDA Coaches need to do to get started?

We are aware that many RDA Groups have been delivering entry-level RDA Showjumping – often without realising it – as part of their day to day sessions for some time. We really want you to be able to continue! In these cases, being assessed can often be just a simple formality, with the Showjumping Assessor visiting the Group at a convenient time and observing a session; checking the venue, horses or ponies, tack and assessing coaches’ and leaders’ techniques, to ensure that everything is in place, and that RDA procedures are being followed safely.

Please contact your Regional Showjumping Representative, Showjumping Assessor, or Lucy Stokes at National Office, for full details.


Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018