Entry Forms & Rules

Entry Forms & Rules for 2018 will be available shortly.

Showing is a completely new activity in RDA with it being a progression from the already established Best Turned Out competition at the National Championships.

Showing is about making a horse look beautiful, elegant and obedient. It teaches great attention to detail, builds confidence and character. It teaches you how to ride, put in a performance as well as how to be judged and accept criticism without being defeated by it. Showing can become addictive and tremendous fun! It’s also a great start for a horse’s education, teaching them manners and exposing them to the show environment without the exacting pressure of doing a dressage test or show jumping round.


2018 Showing Championships

Classes are open to any rider registered with an RDA center who can walk and trot independently.  They will be asked to ride around together and then give a short show that can include canter but it is not necessary.  Any type of horse is able to compete and the class will be judged on its conformation, turnout, suitability, manners and way of going.

Riders should be neatly turned out, clean and tidy but tack and saddlery suitable for the rider not show ring will be encouraged. 


13th July
RDA National Championships
Start time to be confirmed
Hartpury College
Hartpury House
Gloucester   GL19 3BE

Closing date for entries 13th June


6th September
British Show Horse Association Championships
Start time to be confirmed
Addington Manor Equestrian Centre
Buckingham   MK18 2JR

Please regularly check the SEIB Search 4 a Star website for any changes.

2017 Showing Championships 

On Thursday 7th September, 8 riders from across the UK travelled to The British Show Horse Association Championships which was being held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire for the first SEIB RDA Showing Championship Class. All 8 riders had successfully competed against hot competition at 3 of the qualifier venues, Osbaldeston, Vale View & Hartpury. Competition organisers invited 3 new judges to put our finalist through their paces, which included a familiar face in Jane Holderness-Roddam.

A huge congratulations to Kathryn Wheelock from Otley & District RDA on Westpoint First of Many for taking 1st place.

1st Kathryn Wheelock

Huge congratulations to all the competitors all the competitors in the 2017 series and good luck to those competing in 2018! 


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