Frequently Asked Questions


This page has been set up to provide information about general questions any Safeguarding Officers may have with regards to their role.

DBS Applications

Q – Do we have to do our Groups DBS Applications through RDA?

A – No, Groups are under no obligation to do their DBS Application through RDA. However, alot of other Umbrella Organisations do charge between £10 – £20 per application for administration fees. The only note to be aware of is that Groups need to be able to maintain records of DBS checks for all eligible volunteers/members of staff.

DBS Forms

Q – Where do I get Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Forms from?

A = Phone or Email Laura Cartwright or 01926 476302 at the RDA National Office who can take your order in 10’s or 20’s. Or alternatively, if your Group is doing a Group Order then you can order DBS forms through the form. Please click here to take you to that form.


DBS Payment

Q – I thought DBS applications are FREE for Volunteers? Why do we have to pay £8?

A = All DBS applications for volunteers are free. However, registered bodies do tend to add an admin charge to applicants. The £8 charge is from RDA National Office as an administration charge due to the amount of time it takes to process and check the forms are filled in correctly.


Q – Who do I make the cheque payable to?

A = Please make your cheque payable to ‘RDA’. Also please write the applicants name & group name on the back of the cheque.



Q – What do I do if my application is returned to me?

A = The DBS Co-Ordinator should have sent a cover letter along with your application form. Please follow the instructions on the letter and then put back in the post to RDA National Office.

Safeguarding Courses


Q – Who needs to go on a safeguarding course?

A = Your safeguarding officer and any coaches/instructors/RDA Whips need to attend a safeguarding course by December 2014.


Q – I have found a safeguarding course in my area. Is it adequate for RDA?

A = The RDA will accept any safeguarding course as long as it covers the following criteria

  • What is Safeguarding?
  • Types of Abuse
  • Safeguarding Good Practice (eg policies, safe recruitment, risk assessments, code of conduct)
  • Dealing with Concerns/Allegations
  • Certificate of attendance is available to all who attend the course


Q – One of my new coaches has already been on a safeguarding course. Can we still accept this?

A = Yes you can accept a safeguarding certificate that has been taken before they have become an RDA instructor/RDA Whip. You must have sight of a certificate of attendance for this course and it must have covered the criteria stated above and is no more than 3 years old. (Please note all instructors/coaches/safeguarding officers certificates must be refreshed every 3 years.)

 Renewal of DBS Applications

Q – When do we have to re-do our DBS checks?

A – There is presently no statutory requirement for volunteers to have a check every 3 years, however we are aware that in the education sector* it is often required and always seen as best practise. Therefore some schools, which work in partnership with RDA Groups, may see this as necessary.

*Please note Groups should be aware that where schools require a three yearly check, this overrides guidance from RDA and they will need to comply with this requirement from the school. This will be for individual Groups to determine with individual schools.

Please note: This page is just for general guidance, if you would like to talk further about any questions then please do contact the staff at the National Office.

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018