Becoming a CIO


A CIO is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Under this form your charity operates like a company and gets improved protection for the Trustees’ liability (by becoming a limited company); however, it is simpler than a normal company, being a specific legal form for charities. It only requires the charity to report to the Charity Commission (or OSCR, in Scotland) and not Companies House.

Most RDA Groups were set up as Unincorporated Associations (and many of these still are).  RDA National is now advising that ALL Groups should become incorporated bodies and the CIO Guidance explains what that means, why it important and what to do next.

These forms are also available on request by post if you prefer. If you have any further queries, please contact either Julie or Angela.

For the Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIO’s) process, please see the relevant web-page. (coming soon)


Page Last Updated: November 29, 2018