Please note:  Whilst PVG guidance states that they accept checks for 12 - 16 year olds, RDA will only request checks for RDA volunteers aged 16 years and older. 

PVG Information (Scotland)

If your Group is based in Scotland, your safeguarding checks are handled by Disclosure Scotland through the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Membership Scheme which

Disclosure Scotland supplies criminal history information, upon request, to organisations and individuals, primarily to help them make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

Disclosure Scotland searches the Police National Computer and where appropriate the children’s and adults list of those barred from working with children and vulnerable adults and then issues a certificate to the applicant.

The PVG Membership Scheme

The PVG membership Scheme is designed to provide an efficient and portable disclosure.  This service lets applicants keep their disclosure certificates up to date online and allows organizations to check a certificate with the permission of the applicant. Once an individual is a member of the PVG scheme all records will automatically be updated if any new convictions or vetting information considered relevant by the police arises.

Retrospective Checks

CRBS are now accepting applications from staff and volunteers who were already in place in RDA Groups when the new PVG scheme was launched. Everyone will need to have a retrospective check by September 2015 when a new Protection of Vulnerable Groups legislation will be fully enacted.

Registering for the PVG Membership Scheme

In order to access the PVG Membership Scheme Groups need to register either through Horse Scotland or The Central Registered Body in Scotland (CRBS)

Click here for more information on registration and how to apply for retrospective checks.

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018