DBS Information (England and Wales)

The Disclosure and Barring Service is a government service which helps employers and voluntary organisations make safe recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

The DBS searches police records and, in relevant cases, barred list information and then issues a DBS certificate to the applicant.

There are three levels of checks offered by DBS:

Standard Check

This checks for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings. This level of check is not sufficient for RDA Volunteers.

Enhanced Check

This checks for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings plus any additional information held locally by police forces that’s reasonably considered relevant to the position applied for. This is the minimum level of check required by those, aged 16 and over, involved in an RDA session and is the level required by most RDA volunteers in supervised roles.

Enhanced Check with additional Barred List Checks

This checks the same as above with the addition of the appropriate DBS Barred Lists. This is the level of check required by those who are in a position of regulated activity where the role is described or equivalent to: Coach, Session Leader / Organiser, Centre / Yard Manager, RDA Carriage Driving Coach and the role requires the individual to work with children.

Completing the Form Correctly:



When completing your DBS forms, Section X MUST be completed in the following way:

If the form is for a standard volunteer please fill in as below:


If the form is for an individual who has taken on the role which is listed above (regulated activity) please fill in the form as seen below:



You will notice in form images I have written “Adult and Child Workforce” this would apply to some groups who cater for both Adults and Children. If you cater for just children then please just write

‘Child Workforce’

If you cater for just adults, please write:

‘Adult Workforce’

Question 62 – Please put the name of your RDA Group in this section.

Question 63 – ALL Applications need to be for an ENHANCED CHECK, irrespective of the role in the Group.

Question 64 – Anyone with one of the 4 regulated roles above, working with children for some or all of the time, should say YES. All other applications should state NO.

Question 65 – The same as above in relation to adults.

Question 66 – All applications for RDA will say NO for this question.



If you have ANY questions at all about the process of filling in a DBS form, please give Laura Cartwright at the RDA National Office a call on 01926 476302 or lcartwright@rda.org.uk

Tracking Applications

If you are submitting a DBS form you can track its progress on the DBS website.

To perform an application status check, you will need:

• The applicant’s form reference number (F01…)

• The applicant’s date of birth

Issuing and Checking of Certificates

Once a DBS Check is complete a certificate will be issued to the applicant.

It is of the utmost importance that the Group Safeguarding Officer or nominated Trustee, as a matter of course, has sight of every applicant’s original certificate to ensure there are no disclosures which may make them unsuitable to be involved with an RDA Group.

What to do if there is a Disclosure?

If the certificate has anything recorded, the Safeguarding Officer should refer this to the Group Trustees who ultimately must decide if the individual is suitable to volunteer with RDA.

It is important to note that if an applicant for a role with an RDA Group is shown to have a criminal record, this does not necessarily bar them from working with the RDA Group. The fact that a person has a criminal record may be irrelevant to the role for which they are applying and it is vital to ensure that individuals are not discriminated against unfairly.

RDA accepts that it is not possible to define a course of action for every possible criminal record that may be disclosed. It is therefore essential that each case is treated individually, and sensitively taking into account the nature of the offence disclosed and the role for which they have applied.

Please Read The RDA Policy on the engagement of a volunteer or employee shown to have a Criminal Record.

Policy on the engagement of a volunteer or employee shown to have a Criminal Record

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018