RDA Holidays


Perfect getaways

  • Look after a pony for a week
  • Ride or drive in the countryside
  • Visit local tourist attractions
  • Make new friends
  • Try something new

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Creating memories to last a lifetime, RDA Holidays offer an exciting break for horse lovers everywhere. Open to all RDA participants, our holidays take place between May and September

  – in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations.

Ask your RDA Group Organiser about RDA Holidays, or email Lottie Dronfield (ldronfield@rda.org.uk) at RDA National Office to request a brochure.

Lindsey Trickett’s account of her first RDA holiday

 I was lucky enough to attend the Escrick Carriage Driving Holiday last August.  I have been a rider with the Riding for the Disabled for the last 34 years and I have always fancied having a go at carriage driving.  I first took driving lessons a couple of years ago whilst I was on holiday in Scotland.  I only occasionally get the opportunity to drive at my RDA Group (Abingdon Group) due to other commitments. Therefore going on an RDA driving holiday seemed like a really good way for me to develop my skills and have fun doing something abit different.

Lindsey Sweetpea

This is me with Sweetpea

The holiday was based at Queen Margaret’s School in Escrick who are lucky enough had their own equestrian facilities and extensive picturesque grounds. We also had full use of the neighbouring Escrick Park Estate which was also perfect for driving.  All of the volunteers on the holiday were very friendly and most were experienced drivers themselves. We had four specially selected driving ponies and we had the opportunity to drive not only with a different pony but also with a different abled bodied assistant.  This was a good way to get to know the other people on the holiday but also gave 

We would drive once or twice a day either driving round the grounds and woodlands or an obstacle course.  On the last day we had a competition round an obstacle course which was fantastic fun and brought out my competitive streak which is usually saved for my dressage.an opportunity to pick up driving tips from different people.  The pony whom I enjoyed driving the most was a lovely little bay mare called Sweetpea.  She well and truly lived up to her name and was rather nippy going through cones.

An added bonus of the holiday was daily use of the school’s swimming pool.  This was not only a great way to unwind near the end of the day, but also lead to some more team bonding through playing our own version of water polo.  We had a life guard on hand to assist people in and out of the pool so no one was excluded from this activity.

Our accommodation was within the student’s halls of residence and was very comfortable.  The riders had the choice of having their own room (as I did) or to share with their helpers.  We had the use of a lounge and the school’s canteen where we met for mealtimes and for socialising in the evenings.


This is me having ago at driving around some cones in the middle of an open field!

Some nights we had organised activities.  One evening that stands out was a visit from the local dog dancing display team.  All the dogs were adorable and some were more committed to the dancing than others which was in itself entertaining.    On our last night we had a barbecue. My parents live in West Yorkshire so my Mum came to watch me drive on our last day.  She was invited to stay for the barbecue and enjoyed it so much that she ended up staying over and said that she would like to attend the holiday next year as a helper.

I have been on quite a few RDA holidays now I have made some lasting friendships through them and who wouldn’t want to spend a whole week surrounded by horses.  The Escrick Driving Holiday is definitely one of the best and I would gladly recommend it.


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