Matt’s Championships Blog Day Two

Starting with RDA National Championships today, we have seen Showjumping, Countryside Challenge, Carriage Driving and other exciting things happening throughout the day, we all have seen over all of the riders with great encouragement booster given by their Group, Families, Supporters which making the riders feel very happy to competing today.

We have over 70 sponsors who supporting Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) to coming to see what the riders doing around the Championships and I am very pleased to be asked to giving a inspiring story talk behalf of RDA UK to tell how it is important to me as a volunteer and rider.

My duties earlier the day, I am part of the RDA Showjumping Steward Team and my responsibility was to open and close the gate for the riders who are competing in the Graded Showjumping and RDA Graded Showjumping and has been doing some filming with RDA Research Team which I will be doing some filming tomorrow. And I will be attending an important meeting later the day with the National Participation Committee to discuss how we can make it better experience for the participants over different 18 regions in next few years.

I could say today has been very good day to have some nice weather for our competition event. We will see more action of Dressage, Countryside Challenge, and this year we’re excited to see the first time Costume Freestyle in Music which is taking place tomorrow afternoon. We would like to say that all of the horses looking very smart from many groups over the great 18 regions and congratulations to everyone who were placed in every classes today in the Dressage, Countryside Challenge, Showjumping, Best Turned out and many more.

We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow for our Day 2 at RDA National Championships from Hartpury College for another inspirational, exciting and fantastic day of competing from all the riders over 18 region who look forward to competing here and enjoying the fun!

Matt Dalley



Page Last Updated: July 16, 2016