Gloria Hunniford joins Bradbourne 50th birthday celebrations

By Gilly Roper

The sun shone at the at 50th birthday party of the Bradbourne Group . Gloria Hunniford opened the clubhouse by unveiling a plaque thanking those who gave so generously to the project. She spoke in praise of the work done by RDA and the courage of our riders and drivers.

Jonny Clark, one of our early rider,s proposed a toast to the group and Judi Singer, our Regional Chairman cut the birthday cake ably assisted by Group Chairman Peter Felgate.

Many friends, helpers, supporters, riders and drivers attended, including our previous Regional Chairman and the current Regional Holiday Rep.

Excellent refreshments were served in the new clubhouse and the marquee provided an excellent setting for meeting old and new friends.

Before leaving Gloria Hunniford was introduced to some our riders who had been showing their skills throughout the day.

This celebration would not have been possible if the idea of disabled people riding horses had not occurred to Peter Felgate all those years ago and others had been keen to work to make it a reality. Gilly Roper organized a fantastic party and has received numerous thank you letters .

We now eagerly look forward to our centenary!


Page Last Updated: May 20, 2013