Our e-Learning courses are a great way to develop your skills and understanding as an RDA Volunteer.

Our e-learning area can be found by visiting www.rda-learning.org.uk

To access a course please click sign up on the e-learning site and complete the short sign up form and we will email you a username and password as soon as possible.

Our Courses


The safeguarding course is designed as an introduction for group volunteers and as a refresher for coaches and safeguarding officers.  If a coach or safeguarding officer wishes to use this e-learning course as part of their qualification or role they must be able to demonstrate that they have attended a face to face workshop within the last three years.

Please note: The RDA Safeguarding e-learning course is for internal use only. BHS or UKCC will not accept this course as part of a qualification. 


The governance course provides a comprehensive guide to the role and responsibilities of a Group Trustee and will be invaluable to new and existing trustees.

Disability Awareness

We want all RDA volunteers to have the confidence and competence to provide the best possible experience for RDA riders and drivers.

This course is designed for all RDA volunteers and aims to provide an introduction to the topic of disability awareness. The course covers subjects such as attitudes towards disability, the barriers faced by disabled people and models of disability and also provides practical guidance for supporting participants with specific impairments.

Page Last Updated: June 21, 2016