A Joyful Jubilee Day

Ken Caswell from Bambers Green Carriage Driving Group reports back from a wonderful day at the Queen’s Jubilee Picnic at Buckingham Palace.

On Sunday evening we were driven to our London hotel by Deborah (one of the whips from our group) and her husband. This started what was to be wonderful experience – better than we could ever have anticipated.

On Monday we went to the Palace and were met at the gates with our hampers. We thought it would be something simple, but it was a lovely coolbag within a wicker hamper. Just as we arrived, so did the Princess Royal. We decided to go around the gardens first and admired several lovely Azaleas and other colourful bushes. The lake was the home to some ‘Royal’ ducks. The decision to visit the gardens first was a good one as it started to rain just as we returned to the picnic area where there were gazebos. We only needed to shelter for 5-10 minutes but it did give picnickers the opportunity to sport the ponchos supplied in the hampers.

We ate our rolls and soup and our main courses of salmon and Jubilee chicken for me and mushroom parfait for my wife. We then made our way to the concert area (at the front of the Palace) to a special platform for wheelchair users. There was plenty of room; with a view of the stage and the side part where the acts waited before performing (we always knew who was next before most of the audience). We could see the royal box and most of the occupants waving flags and singing along. Brilliant to see the Queen and Her family (Prince Philip greatly missed) at such an important time.

The time flew, the fireworks with Paul McCartney making me jump. The fireworks at the end spectacular (the best I have ever seen).

We got back to our hotel after midnight very tired but not sleepy as it was such a wonderful day.

Thank you RDA for a day that is truly unforgettable. An experience we never thought we could have. RDA has really helped me through the last few years when sometimes it has been a struggle. The local group is so supportive. Words cannot express our gratitude to the local and national RDA.

Page Last Updated: June 18, 2012