800 Mile Ride to Raise Funds for Charity

Artist Caro Woods and her Connemara pony, Tommy, are making an extraordinary 800 mile journey to raise money for the Riding for the Disabled Association. Having started at the holy island of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumberland, the plucky pair will end their epic journey at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

“I felt I had to do this,” explains Caro, “I am interested in the transformational quality of travelling through a landscape, and I wanted to create a spiritual connection between these two Holy Islands. This is a very personal journey for me: in this, my 60th year, each days ride will be a celebration of a year of my life.” At Glastonbury Caro picked up the Michael and Mary pilgrim route, an ancient path that leads through the iconic St Michael’s Mount near Penzance. She and Tommy have had to cope with many hazards and difficulties including crossing busy roads, losing the route – which is not always clear – and negotiating fields containing curious or hostile livestock.

“So many kind people have given Tommy and I a bed for the night: they have affirmed that even in this modern world there are those who offer traditional hospitality to a traveller passing through.”

In Little Badminton, near Chipping Sodbury, Caro and Tommy visited St Michael’s church to spend a little time at the grave of Caro’s husband, Graeme, who sadly died of cancer barely a year after they were married there. The cherry tree planted by Caro with Graeme’s family now stands sentinel over the grave.

Caro is documenting her extraordinary journey on her blog at https://pilgrimonhorseback.wordpress.com/ Please consider making a donation via the links on her website.


Page Last Updated: August 10, 2015